Simple and fast transactions.

Our Mobile and USSD Banking solution allows you to transact from your comfort zone, whenever,
and wherever you go. Kindly go to the Google Play Store on your Android device and Appstore on your IOS device and search for the Berachah MFB mobile app to download.

You can walk into our branch with a transfer instruction which would be implemented immediately.

ATM Cards

Simple and fast transactions.

Berachah Microfinance now has ATM Cards  for Account holders.

Our range of Debit cards allows you to carry out everyday transactions easily such as payments on POS and Web. It also allows local and international cash withdrawals on the ATM, subject to regulatory limits and charges.

POS Issuance

Simple and fast transactions.

Berachah Microfinance has POS terminals ready to be deployed instantly. It has direct instant settlement in your account with the bank. Join us in this financial revolution, where every individual, regardless of location or economic background, gets access to essential banking services.


Simple and fast transactions.

E-payments solution platform is available for Berachah MFB Customers to perform the following transactions

  1. Inward and outward transfer using the NIP Platforms.
  2. Mobile App. (Available on Playstore and Appstore)
  3. USSD Short Code. (*614*494#)
  4. Payment via NQR
  5. Payment via POS
  6. Payment through quick teller/Webpay